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Dental, Orthopaedic, Soft Tissue Surgery

Evelyn Barbour-Hill

A personal veterinary practice for companion and sporting animals


I offer veterinary dentistry (for dogs, cats, rabbits and others), dental surgery and oral surgery; also nasal and skull surgery including bulla osteotomy.

I'm competent and practised with both manual and rotary techniques for root canal preparation – preferring, nowadays, the rotary technique wherever appropriate.

Bone surgery I do with a modern piezotome, which gives a fine clean cut with no soft tissue damage.

I'll discuss the case with the client for as long as they wish, and as far as can be achieved I'll tailor the treatment to their needs – though the patient's needs always come first. 

I'm happy to discuss cases with colleagues with no obligation whatsoever. However, please note I have made a decision not to do BOAS surgery.


Telephone with any and all enquiries. I do not have a website and you won't find me on social media, although I'm a regular expert adviser on


Tan-y-Coed, High Street, Penlon, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1PX

01248 355674

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