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SUPPLIES/SERVICES: Laboratory Equipment & Repairs

Woodley Equipment Company

Siemens Healthineers and Approved Partner Providing All Your Laboratory Needs


THE WOODLEY LAB SYSTEMS - Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay, Coagulation & Urinalysis Analysers

All your laboratory needs in one 'Complete' System for one low cost payment each month:

  • Includes InSight® p-LINK to facilitate

  • Includes scheduled internal QC

    connectivity & results integration

  • Includes software updates to improve

    with Practice Management systems

    analyser functionality and test range

  • Includes Technical Support for 5 years

    when appropriate

  • Includes all repairs & servicing for 5 years

Woodley Equipment Company are delighted to be presenting our exciting partnership - an exclusive Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostics distribution agreement for the mainland UK


01204 669033

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