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SUPPLIES/SERVICES: Dermatology Therapeutics, SUPPLIES/SERVICES: Hygiene/Disinfection Products


Skin Safe Antiseptic Spray, Tough on Pathogens Kind to Skin


Broad Spectrum antiseptic with extensive range of applications, including first aid, post surgical sites, effective allergy skincare management & pathogen contagium antomicrobial flush.

  • Proven Log7 testing against Bacterial, Viral & Fungal Pathogens

  • Effective on contact

  • Dramatically reduces bacterial load

  • HSE Approval for human & animal skin disinfection

  • Pre & postoperative skin antisepsis for patients undergoing surgery

  • Tough against microbes - Gentle to the skin

  • Safe for all tissue including in ears, eyes & mouth

  • Straight to use, user-friendly application

  • Safe for all mammals, birds & reptiles


Units 12JK&L, Hybris Business Park, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 8BF

0345 548 9800

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