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SUPPLIES/SERVICES: Radiation Protection Advisors


Radiation Protection Services for Veterinary Practices


Accredited Radioactive Waste Advisor and Radiation Protection Advisors providing advice in accordance with requirements of regulations, including radiation protection audits and environmental radiation monitoring.

Radiation Protection Training

  • Radiation Protection Supervisor courses (face to face and virtual)

    suitable for veterinary surgeons, practice managers or senior

    nurses are run on a regular basis covering legislation IRR2017

  • Half day PS course - includes course materials and certificate

Personal Radiation Monitoring

  • Suppliers of HE approved TLD based radiation monitoring

    service with personal customer care

  • A wide range of whole body, extremity and eye dosimeters can

    be provided


GLOSRAD, Medical Physics Department, Gloucestershire Hospitals,
NHS Foundation Trust, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NN

0300 422 6907

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